Multiple Post-it chats

Today my students decided they were easlily able to handle multiple Post-it chats simultaneously. The groups of four were communicating with each other about up to 5 different topics at the same time over a period of about 40 minutes. In this very intense and prolific phase of the lesson they produced tons of great language jumping from topic to topic and back again. Most of the topics were suggested by me, but after a while the students started to come up with their own topics and created new note threads.
This multitasking approach to my activity came from the students themselves and I was very impressed by the outcome. Afterwards they gave the class short summaries of their conversations. The rest of the 90-minute lesson we spent on focusing on language issues that emerged from the activity.
I took a few pictures of the students writing away on their sticky notes so you can get an impression of this wonderful new twist to the activity.



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