TPSPS on the Amazon Dash Button

Here’s a quick lesson on Amazon’s new Dash Button that follows the structure of “Think, Pair, Square, Pair, Share” (TPSPS).

THINK: Watch the ad for the Amazon Dash Button. Could you imaging using such a button? What products would you use it for?

PAIR: Share your ideas with a partner. Now read a newspaper article from The Guardian to find arguments for and arguments against the Dash Button.

SQUARE: In groups of 4 discuss whether the Dash Button is a good or a bad thing.

PAIR: Scan the text for useful chunks of vocab to create a vocab list.

SHARE: Pin your vocab lists on the classroom wall. The class will vote on the best to be uploaded to our Quizlet account.

Tips and tricks:
– Use to create a decent looking worksheet from the newspaper article.
– Have a look at these Quizlet-sets to get an idea of how you might like to use it: collocations, translations (in German)

The second part of this article deals with language-related activities.

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