Linking language input and output with chunks

This lesson is based on a funny and insightful animated short film call “What the internet is doing to our brains”. It is supposed to closely link language input and output.


1. Tell your students they will watch a film called “What the internet is doing to our brains” and ask them about their expectations.

2. Give them the list of chunks and have them cut it in pieces.

3. Now show the film.

4. Ask the students to write down what they think is the message of the film (TPS).

5. Show the film for a second time. The students should try to put the chunks in the right order. Have them work in pairs.

6. Check on the results and talk the class through the chunks explaining and giving examples.

7. Now the students use the chunks to create a summary of the film.

Homework 1: “Study the chunks using Quizlet.”
Homework 2: “Write a paragraph reflecting on your own internet use. Try to incorporate some of the chunks.”

NB: Perhaps it is even more effective to halve the number of chunks for the lesson. Feel free to do the editing yourself. It’s also possible to do the explaining of the chunks BEFORE you show the film for a second time.


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