The Amazon Dash Button – a focus on language

As a follow-up on yesterday’s more content-driven lesson I’d like to share a few activities that are supposed to focus on language. They don’t come in the shape of traditional grammar activities, so it might be important to explain their aim to your students beforehand.

Use the first three paragraphs of the text (124 words) for a dictogloss activity.

Listen to the video and complete the sentences.
“Don’t let …”
“A simple way …”
“Press it …”
“It’s easy …”
“You get new products …”

Sentence starters
Use the sentence starters to write three short explanations. Look at the text if you need help.
“The Amazon Dash button is …”
“Internet connected fridges are …”
“Amazon’s goals are …”

words in context
Look at the text to find examples of how the following verbs are used. Make a word web for each verb.
“to order”
“to arrive”
“to purchase”

And don’t forget to revisit yesterday’s vocab list with your class!

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