A template to create faux social media profiles

Today I‘d like to share a Keynote template I made. Your students can use it to create Instagram-like social media profiles. These can serve as rich prompts for presentations or discussions.

An obvious use case would be to create a social media profile for a character in a book or a film. What photos would they post? How many followers would they have? What nickname would they use? How would they describe themselves? This way you can make the characters come alive for your classroom discussions.

With my upper intermediate class I worked the profiles into one of my favourite lesson ideas: “You are what you eat“. In this lesson the students were asked to create social media profiles to match with photos of fridges I brought to the classroom. You can find the full outline of the lesson here. The students worked on their iPads and used photos from Pixabay and Unsplash.

NB: When working with the Keynote file the trick is to “fill” the grey placeholders with photos instead of replacing them or just adding your photos. You can do this the same way as changing the colour of a form.