Looking back on 2020 – lesson ideas

Over the last years I have always used Leo Sellivan’s excellent “News Quiz” for my classes in the first week of January. While waiting for Leo’s lexical ideas on 2020, I stumbled over a nice video in my Twitter timeline today. The video inspired me to come up with a few communicative lesson ideas I thought I might share.


🧠 You will watch a video about 2020 in review. Which events/topics do you expect to find in the video?


📺 Watch the video

✅ Check if it meets your expectations.


💡For you, what were the 3 most important events/topics of 2020. Explain.

💡Which events that are portrayed in the video don’t you know anything about? Try to find out more by asking your classmates / doing research.

❤️ Your personal 2020 – the best, the worst… What inspired you? What changed? Make notes.

🗣 Your personal 2020, in 1 minute… GO! Tell your neighbor/ the class/record yourself.


🔮 predictions – what do you expect to find in next year’s video? What will be the dominant events/topics?

📝 resolutions – Trying to become a better person/learn from 2020? Make a list of New Year’s resolutions.

💡Need inspiration? Check out this awesome list.


BTW, you won’t keep your resolutions. Why? Find out in this cool article.