Who sang it better?

What’s the best song about friendship? Is it “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls or rather “Your My Best Friend” by Queen? And the best one about unrequited love? Is it Taylor Swift‘s “You Belong With Me” or …

This is an exercise for advanced learners. It revolves around staging an (online-) conversation about two songs. It’s a BATTLE OF THE SONGS. Two students will each choose a song that have a common theme. Then they both have to make the argument that their song is the ultimate representation of said theme – trying to convince their partner and their readers.

🎯 The aim of the exercise is for each pair of students to create a simple website or social media channel as a platform two stage their conversation. In order two have a convincing conversation they will have to dig deep into the lyrics and sound of the song. If you can’t wrap your head around what I’m writing here, just have a look at the student examples at the bottom of this blog post.


🔎 Find two songs that have a common theme – like heartbreak, first love, saying goodbye, freedom, rage, happiness, mornings, friendship

Each conversation should contain three parts:

👩‍🏫 Each student first presents their song. Who wrote/sang it? When/how was it published? What kind of sound/style does it have? What is it about? Refer to the song/lyrics using links or embeds.

🤓 secondly, each partner makes the case for why they think that their song is the ultimate representation of the chosen theme. What makes it unique? How does the combination of sound and lyrics create their special atmosphere? How does it maybe represent a certain moment in time? What personal story do you connect with it? You will have to do quite a bit of thorough analysis first to be able to convey your thoughts in a convincing and understandable manner.

🤔 The last step is to write/record your reaction to the arguments of your partner. Which part convinced you? Which didn’t? Why?


  • You could use Taskcards or Padlet to go for a bulletin board kind of style. Both require you to sign in.
  • For a more integrated style you could use telegra.ph or Adobe Spark Page.
  • It is also possible to create a social media channel on Instagram or Twitter for your little project.
  • Another possibility is to create a video.
  • Feel free to choose other tools you find suitable.

💜 I’m looking forward to your results and to finding out WHO SANG IT BETTER!

Who sang better about memories, or about loneliness? Find out in these fantastic student examples: