Und zur Inspiration hier noch ein Cartoon mit Analyse zu dem Thema, das alle fürchten:

Racism in the US today:

“The Tragedy of America’s First Black President”

Study the corresponding vocab on Quizlet:

A must-read is this chilling essay written by a black mother:

Übungsaufgabe schriftliches Abitur

Common mistakes and how not to make them: part I and part II

New in – your mock exam for Thursday!

Here are the concept maps you’ve handed in:

Stuff to talk and write about:
Find ideas and inspiration on what to talk and write about in your final exams here.

How to boost your EXAM SKILLS:

Listening comprehension test:


Oral exam:

  • Have discussions in English, record them, and send them to Mr Schenk for feedback.

Written exam:

General advice: The more you become engaged with English in your life, the more you will improve.

  • Watch TV shows, youTube videos or TED talks in English (always with English subtitles!).
  • Read books, blogs and newspaper articles in English.
  • Listen to English podcasts and try to understand the lyrics of your favourite songs.
  • Meet up with other students to practice talking.
  • Try to stay up to date with current events around the world. The more you know, the more you can potentially communicate.