[DEUTSCH] Neuigkeiten

Als kleinen Vorlauf für ein Relaunch dieses Blogs habe ich hier neue Seiten online gestellt, wo ich Lernmaterialien für Schüler für meine Fächer Deutsch und Englisch bereitstelle. Für die Zukunft habe ich zweisprachiges Bloggen mit einem stärkeren Fokus auf meine Schulart, den beruflichen Schulen in Baden-Württemberg, geplant. Dabei möchte ich neben dem Vorstellen und Andenken…More


I’m currently taking a hiatus from blogging. The current format has left me somewhat dissatisfied lately. However, this will be the place to look for any new projects I might come up with. Thanks for reading and commenting on this blog.More

The filibuster activity

Last week Texas senator Wendy Davis stood up to prevent a bill that would severely prevent access to abortion – by delivering an 11-hour speech. One of the most important rules of such a so-called filibuster is that you have to stand upright without help and that you stay on topic the whole time. Wendy’s…More

Lesson Idea: “You are what you eat”

ELT teachers do seem to nurse a soft spot for fine cuisine – the eltpics set on flickr labelled “food” for example has by far the most entries of all sets uploaded. Food, of course, is not only a topic to nourish ELT-teachers’ culinary ambitions in their scarce free time, but also works well in…More

Dogme and the Antifragile

The holidays left me with a bit of spare time to do some reading. One of the ebooks I managed to cram in between Christmas turkeys and New Year’s fireworks was Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. In it the author divides all systems (institutions, societies, things, life, people …) into three categories: the fragile, the robust and…More

Working with emergent language – inspiration from a year of practice

The aspect that has changed my teaching the most profoundly since I first stumbled over Dogme ELT is the focus on emergent language. My exploring the approach over the last year has not made me a full Dogmetician (Is that the word?), but a strong focus on emergent language has since become one of the…More

Using the iPad to give feedback on students’ writing

Using the right set of apps the iPad can be a powerful device to get work done – despite all of its obvious limitations. ExplainEverything is my app of choice to give students feedback on their writing. Basically, it creates screen capture videos featuring the student’s text, my voice and a highlighting tool I can…More

Multiple Post-it chats

Today my students decided they were easlily able to handle multiple Post-it chats simultaneously. The groups of four were communicating with each other about up to 5 different topics at the same time over a period of about 40 minutes. In this very intense and prolific phase of the lesson they produced tons of great…More

More Wilderness – teaching introverted students

In an excellent and entertaining TED talk author Susan Cain gives insights into the world of introverted people. By using her own life as an example she talks about all the typical obstacles and hardships introverts have to overcome. Cain states that about 30%-50% of us count as introverts (other sources seem to confirm this…More

Dogme for Learners II – Things to Hold on to

One of the benefits of coursebooks is that they give students something to hold on to. Their linear structure might be flawed and will often obstruct meaningful conversation, but at least they give some sort of structure. And don’t be mistaken, students WANT structure, they NEED structure. As much as intelligent scaffolding is useful for…More