Dogme for Learners I – Revising Revision

Teaching Dogme is a new way of teaching but learning Dogme is also a new way of learning. A rant about class tests The German school system has always believed in class tests as the Golden Egg of learning. School law sets a fixed number of them for every subject taught at school. My English…More

Silent Post-it Chats

How do you get a class of over 30 students to really communicate with each other in a way that involves everyone and doesn’t cause chaos in the confined space of a classroom? This clearly is one of the challenges I feel myself most often confronted with in my daily routine as an English teacher.…More

They do care! – My thoughts on Dogme so far

During my last summer break preparing for the school year to come I got seriously infected by the idea of teaching Dogme ELT. Reading the magnificent blogs of Dale Coulter and Scott Thornbury was profundly inspiring. I had always felt sceptical about course books. In my experience they often are detrimental to communication and their…More

The easiest speaking game in the world – one-word topics

I have been using Karenne Sylvesters fantastic speaking game for some time now and I just love it for its simplicity. Today I found a great list of one-word topics created by Jochen Lüders that seems just ready-made for the speaking game. So, two great things combined.More