School of Schenk

SGG13 – Englisch (2019/20)

  • Week 7

    • BREXIT:
    • The geographical and political map of Britain (video)
    • Brexit explained at least till March 2019 (video)
    • The Irish problem (video)
    • Explaining and predicting Boris (video)
    • Why did England’s North vote to leave the EU? (video)
    • How Boris Johnson’s deal would work (video)
  • Week 6

  • Week 5

    • The British Empire

    Week 4

    Week 3

    • Writing a text-based composition:

    “Her struggle isn’t over“ (l. 29). Explain the quotation in relation to the text. (A life risking journey)

    Then give further examples of the struggles and challenges immigrants face in their new country.

    Week 2

    Grades ‘n Stuff