Dogme and the Antifragile

The holidays left me with a bit of spare time to do some reading. One of the ebooks I managed to cram in between Christmas turkeys and New Year’s fireworks was Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. In it the author divides all systems (institutions, societies, things, life, people …) into three categories: the fragile, the robust andContinue reading “Dogme and the Antifragile”

They do care! – My thoughts on Dogme so far

During my last summer break preparing for the school year to come I got seriously infected by the idea of teaching Dogme ELT. Reading the magnificent blogs of Dale Coulter and Scott Thornbury was profundly inspiring. I had always felt sceptical about course books. In my experience they often are detrimental to communication and theirContinue reading “They do care! – My thoughts on Dogme so far”